Maria Agnes Salgado is hands-down the best physical therapist I have ever seen. She's extremely experienced and can tell with a glance if you're out of alignment. She's very hands-on with her work --some places will depend more on machines to do the work but she spends more time per patient than any other therapist I have seen. She also has a great bedside manner, really listens and seems to remember the smallest details. Despite how many patients she sees a day, she remembers the details of my case and can tell improvement by comparing it to the previous visit without even looking at notes. 

Note that she has strong hands and is not afraid to do the work needed to get out a huge knot and this can be painful. But it is making a big difference in the speed of my recovery. 

The rest of the staff is wonderful -- very personable and conscientious and the overall atmosphere is very welcoming and warm.

Holly (College Park)


Agnes Salgado is the Best of the Best.( A+++)

I would follow her anywhere to get her superior treatments. I have mainly problems in my lower back. I have gone to many different PT places and havenít found anyone like her. She does the standard things but it is her HANDS ON treatment that makes the difference. Her knowledge and experience are the tops in the industry. For years she treated my back and kept me from having surgery. I finally had to have surgery and now still go to Agnes on a regular basis. Her treatments help me live a normal life.

Herb (Gaithersburg)



"I've been dealing with nagging lower back pain due to a herniated disc for almost 10 years now.  Through this ordeal I have been to three different

physical therapists. Agnes and the team at Kinesis are the only ones who made a difference. I strongly recommend their services. 


One of the things that impressed me the most about Agnes and the staff at Kinesis was the compassion they have for their work. It is abundantly clear that they care deeply about improving the quality of life for their patients. At Kinesis you are a treated as human, not just another patient."

Dr. Soles (Rockville)



"I have 2 herniated discs in my neck associated with pain, limited range of motion and numbness in left hand. After just several visits, using manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, Agnes has helped me improve immensely. I have limited pain and am able to get back to my routine daily activities. Agnes is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated. I will always be grateful for her continuous care and highly recommend her."
Maryam (Rockville)

"I have been a patient of Ms. Agnes Salgado for many years now and have so much respect for her. Agnes has helped me deal with my back and neck issues so much. She is a wonderful physical therapist who really cares about her patients. Her knowledge of the human body mechanics and alignment is so very impressive. I am a big believer in her techniques for treatment and have referred many of my friends and family members to her."
Mahin (Rockville)

"I have been working with Ms. Agnes Salgado for over two years now. Her patient care is top-notch. She took the time to get to know me and all the issues related to my back with a lot of care and compassion. She implemented a plan customized to my needs. I take her advice and her exercise plans very seriously. I have referred her to other family members and will continue to refer her to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Homa (Rockville)

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